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U-Theatre splashes colors in new play

Punchy and powerful drumming will finally meet its match in ink splash painting, for Taiwan’s U-Theatre will present its 2017 production “Dào” by combining technology with the art of color play.

For “Dao,” U-Theatre’s artistic director Liu Ruo-yu and music director Huang Chih-chun collaborated with ink splash painter Ling Ko to project ink splashes on the stage and performers, which is something the troupe has never done before. Huang also composed flute music to interpret Ling’s ink art.

The projection of rich colors is taken from Ling Ko’s paintings, and the painter believes that the integration of ink colors is a suitable reflection of the spirit of “Dào.”

The world-famous U-Theatre has performed in major international arts festivals around the globe. This time, the debut of “Dao” will be directed by the Ministry of Culture, as U-Theatre is one of the five troupes subsidized by the Ministry’s “Taiwan Brand Project.” The new production integrating science and art will premiere at the National Taichung Theater on April 15.           

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