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The Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of Audiovisual and Pop Music Development have announced the nominees for the 13th Golden Visual Awards on July 4.

The Golden Visual Awards were established mainly to encourage and reward cable TV broadcasting stations that produce local programs. After years of encouragement and promotion, the overall quality of programs produced has been improved, according to Chu Wen-ching, director of the Bureau. 

More importance will be attached to these programs in the future, added Chen Shen-ching, chairman of the judging panel this year. The depth and breadth of some programs’ content can even rival those on national channels, he pointed out.

For example, the programs on local development recorded residents’ enthusiasm and commitment to their hometowns by presenting the communities’ strength and creativity in the face of major natural disasters, rapid social changes and economic downturn.

These programs have not only maintained a high degree of quality in terms of both image and content, they have also preserved the characteristics of local media, according to Chen.

In the light of the digitization of cable television, the theme of this year’s awards are still cloud computing, with many individual techniques awards such as photography and planning and editing being added.

The nominees for 12 categories of the awards were announced on Thursday, but the winners of the other four will be unveiled at the awards ceremony at the City Seaport Art Center in Taichung on July 26.

The host and hostess of the awards ceremony will be singer Luo Shih-feng and TV show hostess Tzymann Weng, and the ceremony will be re-broadcasted on television on Aug. 2 and 3. 

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