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The Art Space in Sydney, Australia.
The Art Space in Sydney, Australia.

The Ministry of Culture has chosen 14 local artists for this year’s artist-in-residence exchange program, whereas three other artists who have been granted foreign residency will also receive financial aid from the Ministry.

In addition, the judges will recommend eight Taiwanese artists for the 18th Street Arts Center in the United States and the Art Space in Australia. The eight artists will be vying for a total of three available spots this year.

The Overseas Residency and Exchange Program was launched in 2000, in which eight to ten artists were sent to artist villages in the United Kingdom and the U.S. The destinations and number of artists have increased over the years.

Presently, the program has expanded its reach to include art sites in nations such as Australia, France and the Czech Republic, thus bringing the total number of participating countries to seven. The quota for subsidies has also been bumped to 17 artists per year.

The program is very important for talent incubation in Taiwan, and offers a good opportunity for local artists to enter the international stage. Originally limited to practitioners of visual art, the program guidelines were revised in April to provide artists from all fields with the same opportunity.

Through the overseas residency program, Taiwanese artists can interact with foreign cultural professionals and gain work experience from major international arts and cultural institutions. The exposure to different countries, languages and perspectives will help stimulate their creative inspirations.

In addition, the program paves the way for their career development overseas, as participating Taiwanese artists are able to network with foreign curators and arts critics.

In the past dozen years, the program has enabled more than 150 young artists to partake in international artist villages. The Ministry’s subsidies cover accommodation, transportation and living expenses as well as the fees for showcasing their works. 

The 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, California.
The 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, California.
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