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Taiwan-Japan drama launches exclusive run on streaming app
Taiwan-Japan drama launches exclusive run on streaming app

“Fusulina of Remember (紡綞蟲的記憶),” a drama series jointly produced by Taiwan and Japan, was released on Taiwan’s first streaming application “i・active APP” on Feb. 14.

Subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development’s (BAMID) Broadband TV Production project, the drama is a collaborative project targeting the Pan-Asian market.

Filmed in Japan, the drama opens a new page for cultural exchanges and commercial partnerships. It stars both Taiwanese and Japanese actors and actresses to boost cultural interactions and understanding between the two nations. The drama will also be aired in Japan for Japanese audiences to watch quality drama produced with Taiwanese characteristics.

“Fusulina of Remember” discusses topics on vegetation and land and explores the relationship between Taiwan and Japan over the centuries. It seeks to create a heart-warming story that integrates the cultures, societies, and aesthetics of Taiwan and Japan.

The streaming application not only allows full access to the drama but also enables users to watch the drama from the perspective of their favorite character. In addition, users can switch to shopping mode or other functions at any time.

This innovative and interactive method of watching drama on demand aims to create new possibilities for Taiwanese drama in the global market and offers a new channel for global viewers.

The launch press conference was attended by BAMID Director Hsu Yi-chun (徐宜君) , Chimestone Digital Productions Director Wang Gong-cheng (王公誠), and drama director Yang Shun-qing (楊順清) as well as cast members of the drama.

Director Hsu noted that the Ministry of Culture has been actively refining the nation’s audiovisual policies, such as enhancing the overall environment of the industry, expanding investment and finance programs, and revitalizing audience interest through original content.

The Ministry also promotes the innovative combination of audiovisual content with technology, offers guidance for production and marketing, and monitors the standard of production to improve the quality and quantity of Taiwanese drama.

In the future, the Ministry will continue offering subsidies and guidance to assist Taiwan’s audiovisual development to ensure competitive quality and introduce Taiwanese drama worldwide, added Director Hsu.



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