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National literature museum unveils goals for the new year
National literature museum unveils goals for the new year

To highlight the significance of literature in everyday life, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature will hold a yearlong series of events re-scrutinizing the relationship among museums, humans, and literary works.

Under the theme “Literature at the Right Time,” the events will include traveling exhibitions, lectures, and a publishing program to deepen literature and connect the public with the museum.

In response to the New Southbound Policy and the cultural needs of new immigrants in Taiwan, the museum partnered with the Hanoi-based Vietnam National University and a Vietnamese publishing house to translate and publish two Vietnamese folk stories – “A-kui on the Moon (Bản dịch Sự tích chú cuội cung trăng)” and “The Origin of Brooms (Bản dịch “Sự tích cái chổi).” The stories will be made available in print and bilingual audio books.

NMTL Director Liao Chen-fu (廖振富) noted that the museum had previously published the Chinese edition of Indonesian memoir “Memories of a Nonya (娘惹回憶錄),” and hosted the “2017 International Conference on Taiwan and Nanyang from the 17th to 20th Century” last October to promote the New Southbound Policy.

To bring literature into people’s daily lives, the NMTL will launch a brand-new series of lectures titled “Hipster Lectures” this year, in which young lecturers are invited to explore literary issues in everyday life and make literature more approachable for the general public.

The first lecture will take place on Feb. 24 at the museum. Titled “Three Seconds of Bravery,” the lecture will feature talks by Lee Xiang (李翔), a Tainan-based postman, photographer, and writer for CommonWealth Magazine.

In addition, the special exhibition “The Inner World of Taiwan Literature” traveling abroad the Mobile Museum of Taiwan Literature will start touring the island again, with Tainan as its first stop on Feb. 28.

Having toured Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung last year, the Mobile Museum of Taiwan Literature will continue to promote local literary resources and authors by taking part in festivals and cultural activities and making local literature and art available to the public.

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