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'New Space Discovered – Underwater Cultural Heritage AR+VR Exhibition'
'New Space Discovered – Underwater Cultural Heritage AR+VR Exhibition'
2018-01-20 ~ 2018-07-30

An exhibition that incorporates AR and VR technology to offer a “tour” of underwater cultural heritage sites will be held at the Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park from Jan. 20 through July 30.

To protect ancient submerged archeological sites, Taiwan’s current underwater cultural heritage sites are preserved in situ while experts are brought in to evaluate whether to move such sites out of water for recovery.

The exhibition will offer realistic simulations of underwater excavation sites as well as cultural heritage sites through augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360-degree panorama photography to allow visitors to interact with these sites. Such interaction would not have been viable for many people otherwise.

The “Panorama Theater” section will lead exhibition-goers to see details of underwater excavation work, such as setting baselines, drawing probe sides, measuring, mapping, and recording. Following a diver’s route, users will also see debris of wrecked ships, large boilers, and other remnants on the bottom of the sea floor.

The “VR Experience” section will offer “submarine exploration” and “panorama view” experiences for visitors. “Submarine exploration” will allow users to operate a small submarine through a joystick to discover remains of a ship by following instructions. “Panorama view” will allow users to enter the stimulated sea and view the 360-degree panorama scene around the sunken ship by moving their heads.

The “Images of Sunken Ships” section will help visitors gain knowledge on underwater diving by following a 3D diver. Walking into the lower deck, visitors will come upon shine-a-light books, e-books, underwater gliders, artifacts, and an animated wall featuring underwater archaeological works and submerged secrets.

The “AR Experience” section will invite visitors to “join” the underwater archaeological works and take pictures with diving archaeologists who safeguard such valuable underwater cultural heritage around the world.

‘New Space Discovered – Underwater Cultural Heritage AR+VR Exhibition’


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