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'Taiwan Literature X Digital Content'
'Taiwan Literature X Digital Content'
2017-12-20 ~ 2019-12-20

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature in Tainan will hold a multimedia exhibition featuring Taiwan literature and renowned literary figures from Dec. 20, 2017 through Dec. 20, 2019.

Incorporating mobile games and animation, the exhibition has curated an interactive adventure course that consists of eight sections introducing ten authors, six texts, three literary arguments, two cultural organizations, and one inscription for museum-goers to solve literary-themed puzzle games on seven challenge levels.

The exhibition will also showcase the museum’s digital archive of artifacts and mobile apps featuring gems such as the earliest prose of New Taiwanese Literature, “Chap-hang Koan-kian (十項管見)” by social activist Tsai Pei-huo (蔡培火), Taiwan New Minpao newspaper (台灣新民報) from 1933, and “Inscriptions by Notable Figures during Travels by Foot (徒步旅行之名人題字)” by writer-filmmaker Chang Shen-chieh (張深切).

The “Replicate an Author” section will enable visitors to play the role of a notable figure by choosing from Hong Qi-shen (洪棄生), Tsai Pei-huo, Lai Ho (賴和), Wang Bai-yuan (王白淵), Chang Shen-chieh, Liu Na-ou (劉吶鷗), Ye Tao (葉陶), Yang Kui (楊逵), Kuo Shui-tan (郭水潭), and Long Ying-zong (龍瑛宗).

The “Extend the Text” section will showcase animations based Liu’s screenplay “Smiling Forever (永遠的微笑),” Tsai’s “Chap-hang Koan-kian,” two poems from Hong’s “Chi He Zhai Poetry Collection (寄鶴齋文集),” Yang’s “Model Village (模範村),” Wu Man-sha’s (吳漫沙) “The Clock of Sha Yang (莎秧的鐘),” and Wu Chuo-liu’s (吳濁流) “Orphan of Asia (亞細亞的孤兒).” 

The “Literary P.K.” section will offer insights on arguments between the old and new literature of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era, conflicts within the Taiwanese Cultural Association, and the debates over Taiwan nativist literature through trivia.

The “Cultural Alliance” section will let players join either the Taiwanese Cultural Association (臺灣文化協會) or the Taiwanese Cultural and Art Alliance (臺灣文藝聯盟) and track down rare artifacts. 

The “In-Depth Travels” section based on Chang’s “Inscriptions by Notable Figures during Travels by Foot” will combine digital board games and role playing for an interactive experience as a wanderer.

The “Authors Present” section will present digitalized background information on the featured authors for players to gain a deeper understanding of their lives, while “The Power of Words” section will offer an interactive Q&A on a digital screen to deepen players’ memories about literary quotes.

The “One Hundred Players in a Digital Landscape” section will showcase missions completed by participants through data analysis to make their experiences a part of the exhibition.

Director Liao Chen-fu (廖振富) of NMTL noted that this innovative display of literary research makes literature more approachable for the public, which is one of the key objectives of the museum. The exhibition will be staged for two years for visitors to experience how literary content can be made into animations or games and to take the role-play challenge – which of the 245,760 possible outcomes will be yours?

‘Taiwan Literature X Digital Content’

  • Date: Dec. 20, 2017 – Dec. 20, 2019
  • Venue: National Museum of Taiwan Literature
  • Address: No. 1 Zhongzheng Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Website: National Museum of Taiwan Literature



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 The "Literary P.K." section is a two-player trivia game based on historic arguments over Taiwan literature.
The "Literary P.K." section is a two-player trivia game based on historic arguments over Taiwan literature.
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