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2017 Showcase: Taiwan & Southeast Asia Exchanges
2017 Showcase: Taiwan & Southeast Asia Exchanges

Eleven teams subsidized by the Ministry of Culture’s Youth Cultural Gardeners program presented their projects created in collaboration with groups from Southeast Asia on Dec. 1.

As the Ministry has been working to deepen cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Southeast Asia for several years, the program was added to the Ministry’s southward bound policy in 2016 to boost creativity and mutual understanding of cultures through bilateral exchanges.

Following the global trend of interdisciplinary collaboration, Taiwanese youths who were selected to join this year's program were able to successfully and innovatively incorporate sub-cultures such as karaoke culture, as well as cutting-edge virtual reality technology, with their collaborative projects in Southeast Asia.  

Tainan National University of the Arts shared a project that took inspiration from stories of new immigrants living in Tainan. The project connected new immigrants with fond memories of their Indonesian hometowns through karaoke.

Art Commons Tainan (台南藝術公社) presented a “Taiwanese Electric Flower Car” created in partnership with Indonesian artists. Integrating Taiwanese elements and the memories of participating Indonesian artists, the neon-lit moving stage was able to promote Indonesia music in Taiwan.

The Caterpillar Philosophy for Children Foundation shared how to tell stories and memories of one’s culture through a children’s book featuring Malaysian stories and mythology.

Monkey Kids Beiguan Ensemble (猴囝仔北管樂團) shared their cultural exchanges with the principal vocalist of Myanmar’s national ensemble and their joint performance of “Longing for the Spring Wind (望春風, Bāng Tshun-hong),” a Taiwanese classic that incorporates eastern and western music instruments.

Huang Hsin-chien (黃心健), a new media artist who seeks to explore interdisciplinary possibilities of technology in literature, design, and performance arts, shared his project “The Sandroom (La Camera Inssabiata)” created in collaboration with American avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson.

Subsidized by the Ministry, “The Sandroom” is an interactive Vive installation that allows viewers to explore a 360 degree VR space that is filled with text and writing. Viewing options include flying inside the VR room surrounded by walls made of chalk boards symbolizing memories. The project won the Best VR Experience award at the 2017 Venice Film Festival.

Deputy Culture Minister Dr. Pierre Tzu-pao Yang (楊子葆) expressed his confidence in the youth teams’ ability to deepen trust and mutual understanding between Taiwan and Southeast Asia through long-term cultural exchanges.

Chung Chiao (鍾喬), a program panelist and theater mentor, noted that cultural exchanges among Asian countries is the start point for Taiwan to march towards the center of the world stage. He also affirmed the teams for their ability to communicate from a parallel point of view and objectivity. 

Find out more about the Ministry’s southward bound programs here: Youth Cultural Gardeners.  


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