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'A Reform of Lotus Pond in Zuoying'
'A Reform of Lotus Pond in Zuoying'
2017-11-16 ~ 2017-12-17

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts will hold a virtual reality-powered art exhibition featuring the playful “Lotus Pond in Zuoying (左營蓮池塘)” painting by contemporary Kaohsiung artist Lee Ming-tse (李明則) from Nov. 16 through Dec. 17.

The Taichung-based museum began exploring artistic applications of science and new media as an engagement tool in exhibitions in 2015, in the hopes of bringing audiences a fresh experience through the incorporation of technology with art.  

Director Hsiao Tsung-huang (蕭宗煌) of NTMoFA explained that the museum showcased “Lotus Pond (蓮池)” by the late artist Lin Yu-shan (林玉山) – a certified national treasure in Taiwan – by the way of virtual reality last year, and received exceedingly positive feedback.

To enhance the immersive experience of art exhibitions, the museum will reinterpret the whimsical characters in Lee’s 2004 painting. The exhibition will also offer a Taiwanese-language audio guide to attract more visitors.

The museum’s art tech consultant, Chen Kuan-chun (陳冠君), noted that last year’s exhibition focused on presenting the changes in light and shadows and enabling audiences to interact with little egrets and lotus blossoms in Lin’s iconic 1930 painting.

This exhibition, however, will incorporate Lee’s interest in wuxia and martial arts comics to present a story based on the original characters in the painting. Audiences are then invited to “walk” into a world of wuxia devices and lotuses.

Chen believes that while the original painting reflects the inner psychological state of the artist himself, the incorporation of technology now presents a more whimsical side of Lee.

Lee, the original artist, stated that it takes not only eyes but also one’s heart to appreciate a piece of artwork. The VR experience will allow museum-goers to explore the lotus pond with all five senses and gain a deeper understanding of “Lotus Pond in Zuoying,” he added. 

The exhibition will be divided into VR and AR sections. The VR section contains “Lotus Pond Landscapes” and “Lotus Pond Tour,” with the former showing the important real-life landscapes featured in the painting, such as the Confucius Temple, the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, and the Spring and Autumn Pavilions.

“Lotus Pond Tour,” on the other hand, is the interactive wuxia story that will transform visitors into the protagonist who eliminates monsters and restores peace to Zuoying’s Lotus Pond.

The AR section will then offer the “A Reform of Lotus Pond” mobile app to help visitors select photos of the painting’s characters or landscapes and overlay the images over any site in real life.

For more information, please visit www.ntmofa.gov.tw.

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Visitors enter the world of "Lotus Pond in Zuoying" to combat evil via virtual reality.
Visitors enter the world of "Lotus Pond in Zuoying" to combat evil via virtual reality.
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