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Taipei to hold interdisciplinary fair matching art with technology
Taipei to hold interdisciplinary fair matching art with technology

An interdisciplinary business matching fair organized by Creative Director Tsai Hung-hsien (蔡宏賢) of Dimension+ will be held at the Taipei-based TAF Innovation Base to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between technology and art from Nov. 17 through 23.

As the mentor team from the Ministry of Culture’s "Arts and Technology: Creative Innovation and Counseling" program, Dimension+ has taken up residency at the TAF Innovation Base since this November to offer professional counseling and guidance.

The matching fair will invite 22 teams and entrepreneurs from tech and art fields to showcase a wide range of content spanning science and art equipment, interactive design, photo-editing software, wearable media, and biotechnology.

Participating teams include noiseKitchen Art Co., Ltd (噪咖藝術), winnowork (沃手工作), EeRise (宜昇科技), Taipei Tech Department of Interaction Design Research Lab of Light & Space (北科大光與空間互動設計實驗室), Axix3D Technology Co., Ltd (愛迪斯科技), and DECADE.TW (帝凱互動科技) that specialize in fields encompassing interactive design, cylindrical rear-projection, virtual reality, exhibition curation, and large-scale installation.

During the one-week fair, Austrian Tagtool app creator OMAi will perform with Taiwanese virtual DJ software creator Ponga to share the applications of its digital graffiti software Tagtool.

Artist Shih Wei-chieh (施惟捷) will share his application of optical technology and paint on wearable media; while artist Aushin Chang (張顥馨) will present his research in biotechnology.

The Ministry of Culture noted that the "Arts and Technology: Creative Innovation and Counseling" program will also call for experimental projects by science and art creators and provide guidance and resources to make interdisciplinary projects happen.

The Ministry will also hold workshops and build a business-matching platform for technology and art in the coming year. 


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