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'International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art'
'International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art'
2017-10-06 ~ 2018-03-09

Taiwan will be hosting the world’s premier showcase of paper crafts – The 2017/2018 International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art – at Nantou’s National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) this October.

Founded by the Association Chaîne de Papier in 2012, the Biennial prides itself on being an eco-sustainable event. The exhibition displays artwork made with only natural, handmade, or recycled paper and fiber.

This year, under the theme “Eco-Sublime,” 46 artists from 16 nations – namely Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States – will communicate their respective ideas and respect for the planet through their choice of plants and fibers.

“Eco-Sublime” was chosen to help raise awareness of not only the need to protect the natural environment, but also of the negative effects imposed on the planet by modern lifestyle choices. In art and in real life, nature is both an overpowering force of destruction and the most astounding source of beauty.

The Biennial will encompass exhibitions, performances, workshops, and demonstrations. Fringe events will be held conjointly at Tainan National University of Applied Arts and the Su Ho Memorial Museum of Paper in Taipei.

Join us in Nantou from Oct. 6, 2017 through March 9, 2018 to understand how fiber and paper can be utilized as a fine art form and discover the unique techniques employed by contemporary paper and fiber artists.

The exhibition will also highlight the negative effects triggered by certain modern art materials and raise questions that facilitate deeper engagement with the environment and the conservation of the natural world.

As it was stated at the 2009 Copenhagen Summit, the cultural sector will most effectively lead charge in humanity’s behavior to a more sustainable future through changes in production and consumption, as catalysts for introducing new ideas and concepts for a sustainable future.


2017/2018 International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art


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