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'Simulating, Object and Perception'
'Simulating, Object and Perception'
2017-08-11 ~ 2017-10-20

The Ministry of Culture’s Art Bank Taiwan will hold a new media art exhibition to explore the human-object relationship in modern life from Aug. 11 through Oct. 20.

Technology turns imagination into reality and makes the impossible possible. However, it also homogenizes products while bringing people better material life. On the other hand, art serves as a medium for connecting with other people in a homogenized society. Thus, independent thinking and emotions become important elements of existence for individuals.  

The exhibition will feature new media art and installations by seven Art Bank artists to discuss the concepts of “simulating/stimulation,” “object,” and “perception.”

Yu Shih-fu (盂施甫) will portray different human characteristics abstractly through changes in light and shadows controlled by a machinery device, thereby turning the machine language into a live organism. 

Hung Yun-ting (洪韵婷) will present products produced under civilized and industrialized societies to reflect the phenomenon of homogenization in modern life.

A series of images by Zhang Xu-zhan (張徐展) will explore the situation of drifting and losing direction by showcasing a simulated island that symbolizes a human being devoid of purpose and culture.

Chen Yun-ru (陳韻如) will discuss the impact of human behavior upon the environment through a sound installation simulating the noise of small creatures.

A device that seeks to extend one’s physical body by Fu Ya-wen (傅雅雯) will serve to explore the interrelations between the human body and spatial conditions.

Huang Meng-chin (黃盟欽) will explore the context of imagery, time, and sound and how the choice of recording technology affects the outcome.

Lai Pei-yu (賴珮瑜) will turn Taipei night lights into a digital landscape by using digital technology to present the framework of civilization as well as the changes in perception while viewing with different times and speeds.

The opening ceremony will invite the winning artists of the 2016 Digital Art Performance Awards – Chen I-chun (陳依純), Teng Wen-hsin (鄧雯馨), and Luo He-lin (羅禾淋) – to present how technology influences human perception through a performance using drones, visual images, and sound art. 


‘Simulating, Object and Perception’

  • Date: Aug. 11 – Oct. 20, 2017
  • Venue: Art Bank Taiwan
  • Address: No. 150 Ziyou Road Section 1, West District, Taichung City, 403, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Website: http://artbank.ntmofa.gov.tw/


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