Taiwan to hold 'Chinese Music Rocks' festival in HK
Taiwan to hold 'Chinese Music Rocks' festival in HK
2017-09-07 ~ 2017-09-17

Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre, the Ministry of Culture’s office in Hong Kong, will hold a music and theater festival featuring traditional Chinese music and Peking opera by artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong from Sept. 7 through 17.

“Chinese Music Rocks” will offer three concerts by notable musicians from Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as an experimental Peking opera show to present the latest from Taiwan’s contemporary Chinese music scene.

The first concert will feature “Pipa Music Journey” by Taiwanese pipa player Lien Pei-ju (連珮如) in collaboration with Hong Kong frame drummer John Lee (李耀誠) and cellist Wong Ka-lap (黃家立).

The concert will be the Asian premiere of Lien’s instrumental work “Travelogue (Carnet de voyage)” that records the picturesque scenery during her trip in France. Through interpreting the scenery with Lee and Wong, Lien will take audiences onto a journey that transcends space and time.

The next concert “The Sparks between Erhu and Contemporary Music” will feature Taiwanese erhu soloist Wang Ying-chieh (王瀅絜) and Hong Kong pianists Lee Ka-lin (李嘉齡) and Adilia Yip (葉安盈).

They will present pieces from “Voyage de la lumière (Journey of Light),” a collaborative project on new contemporary repertory of erhu music started by Wang and Paris-based music association Tout Pour la Musique Contemporaine (TPMC) in 2012.

The final show is a solo concert by Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music nominee zheng player Kuo Min-chin (郭岷勤). He will interpret his observations on nature and everyday life in Taiwan through soulful music.

“Lord Guan Yu on Stage (關公在劇場),” a two-day performance by Taiwan’s renowned Peking opera troupe GuoGuang Opera Company (國光劇團) and Hong Kong’s experimental art troupe Zuni Icosahedron (進念.二十面體), will wrap up the festival.

Combining traditional Peking opera with technology, “Lord Guan Yu on Stage” tells the story of Guan Yu’s adventures and how he becomes deified after death. The production was previously staged as part of the Taiwan Culture Month in Hong Kong last year, where it was greeted with positive reviews.

Please register for the events here: www.taiwanculture-hk.org


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