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'Dreaming Back to Nature: Paintings by Lee Shien-wen'
'Dreaming Back to Nature: Paintings by Lee Shien-wen'
2017-08-04 ~ 2017-09-24

The National Museum of History is holding an exhibition featuring the latest 35 ink paintings by Lee Shien-wen (李賢文), founder of Lion Art Publisher (雄獅美術), from Aug. 4 through Sept. 24.

“Dreaming Back to Nature” will offer insights into Lee’s observations on life and nature, and how he turns his feelings, sentiments, and love toward the land of Taiwan into artwork.

Born in 1947 to Lee A-mu (李阿目), founder of Lion Pencil Co. Ltd., Lee nursed a strong interest in painting since childhood, and established a still-life drawing society when he was in high school.

In 1971, Lee launched Lion Art Monthly to promote artworks by Taiwanese artists and appreciation of contemporary art. The magazine, which was in circulation until 1996, infused great energy into Taiwan’s art scene.

Lee started to learn calligraphy from notable calligraphists Chen Yun-chen (陳雲程) and Chang Kuang-bin (張光賓) in 1992 and then tried his hand at ink painting. After the magazine ceased operations in 1996, Lee moved to the countryside in Taoyuan to focus on his passion for art.

During the past two decades, Lee visited various mountains in Taiwan and created landscape paintings that embody calligraphy and western painting. Unlike traditional landscape paintings, Lee’s artworks present a sense of freshness and cultural ambience.

In recent years, Lee has held a couple of painting exhibitions in collaboration with renowned artists such as Lu Ting-ching (盧廷清), Cheng Chih-kuei (鄭治桂), and his calligraphy mentor Chang. He also held a solo ink painting exhibition in 2012.

Lee once stated that if there is something different between his life and that of others, it is the fact that his life is deeply intertwined with the pen. By combining his life experience and skills, Lee’s landscape paintings prod the viewer to reconsider the essence of life.


‘Dreaming Back to Nature: Paintings by Lee Shien-wen’


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