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'Life in Freestyle: Daily Imagination'
'Life in Freestyle: Daily Imagination'
2017-06-21 ~ 2017-09-24

“Life in Freestyle: Daily Imagination,” a pop-up exhibition featuring whimsical artworks collected by Art Bank Taiwan, will be on view at the Hsinchu-based condo complex Fu Yu Quan Feng (富宇權峰) from June 21 through Sept. 24.

The pop-up exhibition is inspired by the highly celebrated “Work in Freestyle: Meet 7 Happiness” exhibition curated by Art Bank Taiwan for this year’s Creative Expo Taiwan in April, which had ignited the public’s imagination over the artistic possibilities in everyday life.

The 64 featured artworks will be showcased in two sections titled “Daily” and “Imagination” to appeal to multiple senses and help exhibitiongoers visualize the connections between art and daily life and home.

The “Imagination” section will feature a total of 49 works by four local artists – Lu Hsiao-han (呂小涵), Lin Wei-hsuan (林瑋萱), Chiu Dou (邱掇), and Hsu Meng-han (徐夢涵) – who will be serving short art residencies at Fu Yu Quan Feng.

This section will offer glimpses into their four studios for viewers to learn about the daily routine and everyday inspiration of artists, which in turn will boost the application of imagination towards their own personal lives.

The second section – titled “Daily” – will showcase 15 artworks by 13 more local artists. It will explore five issues that will resonate with young viewers – including the weightless state in a stress-free life, the health benefits of zoning out, reluctance at work and the desire to go home, the sentimentality of drinking coffee, and the joy of going on holiday mode.  

Additional activities will be held at the condo complex during the exhibition for the public to engage in free-flow imaginative sessions aimed at channeling one’s creativity into daily life.

Established by the Ministry of Culture, Art Bank Taiwan is an international initiative supporting Taiwan’s young artists and promoting artistic appreciation through cultural diplomacy.

By partnering with construction company Wehouse this time, Art Bank Taiwan hopes to provide more everyday outlets for local residents to interact with artists and bring art into everyday life. 

Featured artists:

  • Lu Hsiao-han (呂小涵)
  • Lin Wei-hsuan (林瑋萱)
  • Chiu Dou (邱掇)
  • Hsu Meng-han (徐夢涵)
  • Wang Hao-tin (王晧廷)
  • Du Jian-min (杜建旻)
  • Chiu Young-jin (邱雍晉)
  • Chang Teng-yuan (張騰遠)
  • Kuo Pei-chi (郭佩奇)
  • Chen Yi-chieh (陳怡潔)
  • Huang Fa-cheng (黃法誠)
  • Yeh Po-yu (葉柏昱)
  • Liu Chih-feng (劉智丰)
  • Liu Yao-zhong (劉耀中)
  • Cheng Cheng-huang (鄭政煌)
  • Hsiao Chu-fang (蕭筑方)
  • Su Tzo-han (蘇子涵)


‘Life in Freestyle: Daily Imagination’

  • Date: June 21 – Sept. 24, 2017
  • Venue: Fu Yu Quan Feng (富宇權峰)
  • Address: F1, No. 115 Ciyun Rd., East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Organizer: Art Bank Taiwan


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