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Post-disaster heritage team formed after torrential rains
Deputy Minister Dr. Pierre Tzu-pao Yang examines a portion of the collapsed wall surrounding Fort San Domingo in Danshui, New Taipei.

The Ministry of Culture has formed an emergency response team for post-disaster investigation and recovery following the recent torrential rainfall throughout Taiwan.

The team is currently conducting field investigation on heritage sites, historical monuments, traditional settlements, and cultural landscapes across the nation. Working with the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, the team will also assist local governments with disaster recovery planning and implementation.

So far, the initial survey has identified historical monuments such as the Dawulun Fort, Gongzi Liao Fort, Bopiliao Historical Block, Fort San Domingo, Huangwen Hospital, Office of Governor-General Weather Station in Alishan, and Changhua Confucius Temple as damaged by heavy rainfall.

Fort San Domingo, which is situated on a mountain slope, suffered harsh damages. The extremely heavy rain had caused roughly two meters of the fort wall to collapse and develop cracks across the structure, making the whole site a danger zone.

Culture Deputy Minister Dr. Pierre Tzu-pao Yang (楊子葆) had visited the disaster site with Bureau of Cultural Heritage representatives on June 5, and listened to a briefing outlining the needs of the New Taipei City Government.

In response, Deputy Minister Yang stated that the Ministry will fully support the recovery of heritage venues, and will instruct the Bureau of Cultural Heritage to offer guidance and funds to repair damaged sites.

The Bureau of Cultural Heritage has agreed to subsidize the New Taipei City Government for Fort San Domingo's recovery, which will be implemented once the extent of damage has been officially assessed.

Read the original Chinese press release here.


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