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'The Imaginary Portraits of Pablo Picasso'
'The Imaginary Portraits of Pablo Picasso'
2017-06-09 ~ 2017-07-30

An exhibition of lithographs painted by Pablo Picasso three years before his death – collectively known as “Imaginary Portraits” – will be displayed in Taiwan for the first time this summer.

“The Imaginary Portraits of Pablo Picasso International Exchange Touring Exhibition,” featuring 29 lithographs and proofs from the permanent collection of the International Museum of Art and Science in Texas, will be shown first in Taipei at the National Museum of History and then in Taichung at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Picasso’s “Imaginary Portraits” represents one of the high points of the career, style, and creativity of the artist, who was an exemplar pioneer of twentieth-century art and founder of Cubism. The Spaniard achieved fame early, but through a challenging process he pursued self-improvement by continuously innovating and reinventing his artistic style.

Many major twentieth-century movements were derived from Picasso’s unceasing artistic exploration, including Analytical Cubism, Synthetic Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, and Collage Art. The emergence of these styles resulted from Picasso’s utilization of revolutionary methods for pushing visual cognition into new realms.

In his later years, Picasso reflected on the developmental course of his art and brought the changes all together in his “Imaginary Portraits.” Created during his final years in France, the 29 lithographs in this exhibition show how he combined the finest elements from each period to create a new, integrated period of style.

Upon embracing lithography as a medium during the 1940s, Picasso produced this suite three years before his demise. The unique form of expression of this series best conveys the creative philosophy and artistic ideals of Picasso’s last years, making “Imaginary Portraits” one of the key resources for researchers studying his legacy.

For the chance to explore Picasso’s timeless surrealist vision, visit Taipei’s National Museum of History between June 9 and July 30; the exhibition will then travel to Taichung’s National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from Aug. 5 through Oct. 8.

“The Imaginary Portraits of Pablo Picasso International Exchange Touring Exhibition” was curated with the generous collaboration of the International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen, Texas.


‘The Imaginary Portraits of Pablo Picasso’


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