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Taiwan's lineup for Avignon OFF 2017
Taiwan's lineup for Avignon OFF 2017

Taiwan Season

Four teams will be representing Taiwan culture at the world’s most celebrated fringe arts festival this July. The selection of candidates for the 2017 Off Festival d'Avignon was carried out in two stages by the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris and Avignon staff.
The final four are:
  • Tjimur Dance Theatre (蒂摩爾古薪舞集)
  • Formosa Circus Art (福爾摩沙馬戲團)
  • Puppet & Its Double (無獨有偶)
  • Shu-Yi & Dancers (周先生與舞者們) with Tien Hsiao-tzu
*Shu-Yi & Dancers will be performing "The Hole" choreographed by Tien Hsiao-tzu.
The Tjimur Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance troupe whose core inspirations are derived from the aboriginal Paiwan culture in Taiwan. The troupe introduces the aesthetics of aboriginal culture through modern expression, garnering international attention for its unique style after staging acclaimed performances in Toronto and Edinburgh … (read more)
Formosa Circus Art’s performances incorporate acrobatics, circus, contemporary dance, and theater. Using Taiwan’s historical name “Formosa,” FOCA hopes to create and promote Taiwan’s contemporary circus performances. The British press ranked their combination of traditional acrobatics, contemporary circus, and theater skills among the top five circus acts in the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe … (read more)
The Puppet & Its Double Theater dedicates itself to experimentation utilizing a fusion of disparate puppetry styles, incorporating hand puppets, string puppets, rod puppets, table-top puppets and shadow puppets, as well as object theater, into its repertoire … (read more)
Chou Shu-yi is a precocious and brilliant dancer whose motions convey grace and purity. His career began as an independent choreographer in 2003 and he founded Shu-Yi & Dancers in 2011 as a team-based platform for exploring physical aesthetics based on places where they grew up … (read more)
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