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Cultural Infrastructure Series VIII: The Cultural Laboratory
Cultural Infrastructure Series VIII: The Cultural Laboratory


Taipei as an entrepreneurial and cultural accelerator


The Cultural Laboratory is an upcoming flagship project based in the center of Taipei City. Its downtown locations will help form a comprehensive supply chain for the cultural and creative sector, and serve as a base for creative personnel interested in innovation, production, exhibition, or performance.

Based on the core concept of “cultivating and enhancing culture to boost the culture-driven economy,” the Cultural Laboratory is aimed at providing young entrepreneurs with low-threshold access to resources for product development and venues for exhibitions and performances.

The Cultural Laboratory will guide youths through the process of creating, producing, presenting, and marketing a product, offer advice on operational and team management, and provide rental equipment and facilities.

The program will also cooperate with industry leaders and academic institutes from both Taiwan and abroad to streamline the cultural and creative ecosystem.

Apart from offering residency to artists, the Cultural Laboratory will also serve as a focal point for resources such as funding, distribution channels, and masterclasses presided over by international experts. From zero to one, the union of talent with access to resources and technology will help creative ideas come to fruition.

The Cultural Laboratory program will be allocated a total area of over 400 pings, the equivalent of 1,200 square meters. The venues will include existing sites managed by the Ministry of Culture, such as the TAF Innovation Base in Songshan District and Huashan 1914 Creative Park, as well as public land or premises in cooperation with local governments.


TAF Innovation Base



The TAF Innovation Base is a historic complex that has been repurposed into a multi-functional venue for culture and arts. The former ROC Air Force Command Headquarters now serves as an innovation incubation center, as well as a platform for interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration, to boost Taiwan’s cultural and creative sector … (read more)


Huashan 1914 Creative Park



Huashan 1914 Creative Park, a 4.5-hectare recreational area nestled in the middle of the Taiwanese capital, currently serves as Taipei’s primary creative arts center. Not only is it a popular venue for a medley of performance troupes and rock bands, it also provides shop fronts that are shared by independent artisans and craftspeople … (read more)


The introduction of international resources and transfer of technology will be aimed at crafting a reputation for the young entrepreneurial base, attracting young entrepreneurs from around the world, and establishing Taiwan as a hub of young scientific and cultural entrepreneurs in Asia.


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