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Rapport Series VIII: Cloud Gate 2
Rapport Series VIII: Cloud Gate 2


A stage of one's own


Led by founder and choreographer Lin Wai-min, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre has been transforming ancient aesthetics into a thrilling modern celebration of motion for over four decades. Less known however, is the troupe’s efforts in developing young dancers and showcasing original works from Taiwan.

Cloud Gate 2 (雲門2) is Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’s premier incubation program for young dancers and choreographers. Unlike most junior companies, Cloud Gate 2 does not prepare dancers to join or perform Cloud Gate productions. Instead, it provides resources and a showcase for young talents to grow their own brand of aesthetics.

Below are three established Taiwanese dancers who began their careers with Cloud Gate 2; two have since graduated from the incubation program and are now making their own headway on the international dance arena.


Cheng Tsung-lung



Cheng Tsung-lung is a contemporary choreographer whose works often take inspiration from his childhood and adolescent life. Cheng has choreographed a number of pieces for Cloud Gate 2 since 2006, and began serving as its artistic director in 2014 … (read more)


Bulareyaung Pagarlava



Hailing from the Paiwan tribe of Taiwan, Bulareyaung Pagarlava is a professional choreographer who served as a principal dancer for Cloud Gate 2 and the Martha Graham Dance Company. After achieving considerable fame in life, Bulareyaung started to focus on his identity as a member of the indigenous community … (read more)


Huang Yi



Dancer-choreographer Huang Yi is also a self-taught composer, web designer, and photographer who has choreographed a handful of productions for Cloud Gate 2. Huang established his own studio in 2010 and his innovative digital performances that involve mechanical elements have made him one of the “25 to Watch” list compiled by Dance Magazine in 2011 … (read more)



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