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Taiwan, Vatican City discuss collaboration in museums
Taiwan, Vatican City discuss collaboration in museums

Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun paid a visit to the Vatican Museums to discuss collaborative opportunities on May 10 during her trip to Vatican City.

Occupying about 5.5 hectares within the city’s boundaries, the Vatican Museums include several museums, galleries, and monuments such as the Sistine Chapel, the Chapel of Beato Angelico, and the Raphael Rooms.

The main collection of the museums are artworks and antiquities from ancient Greece and Rome as well as the masterpieces of Renaissance art – the Sistine Chapel ceiling and “The Last Judgment” painted by Michelangelo, “The Entombment of Christ” by Caravaggio, and “St. Jerome in the Wilderness” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Accompanied by Ambassador Matthew S. Lee (李世明) of the Embassy of the Republic of China to the Holy See, Minister Cheng toured the museums to witness the magnificent collection. She subsequently expressed her amazement at the immensity of antiquities preserved by the Vatican Museums.

Minister Cheng also met with Dr. Barbara Jatta, who was named Director of the Vatican Museums by Pope Francis last year. They discussed the possible collaboration in exhibitions, relic repair techniques, application of technology in museums, and art history studies, and both expressed hope for further cultural exchanges in the future.

Minister Cheng noted that Taiwan can learn from the Vatican Museums’ experience in culture preservation and management, especially in the conservation of fine arts, paintings, fabrics, and ceramics. She also expressed her hope in supporting Taiwanese young talents to participate in the Vatican’s incubation project of culture preservation.

Director Jatta replied that the Vatican museums have previously collaborated with museums based in Britain, France, Germany, and the United States, and hopes to partner with Taiwan’s museums and young talents in the future.

Minister Cheng wrapped up her tour by visiting the Sistine Chapel, the four Raphael Rooms, the Vatican Pinacoteca gallery holding the collection of paintings by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, and Caravaggio, and the Pio Clementino Museum housing sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome.


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