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Buddha Statue Maker | Ko Chin-chung


Did You Know That …?


  • Ko Chin-chung (柯錦中) has developed a seven-step method for producing unique Buddha statues – from casting, molding, sanding, line painting, and coloring to observing the folk customs and upholding an reverent attitude required of handing deity sculptures.


  • His works show off wood’s natural elegance and simplicity while the golden lines and colorful decorations from the “painted line carving” technique give the statues an exquisite look and vibrant ambience.


  • His excellent skills and comprehensive knowledge of Buddha statues has made him the first “Da Dun Arts and Crafts Master” in the Buddha statue category in 2011, and a “national preservationist” by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage in 2016.


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Gautama Buddha (釋迦牟尼佛)
Virūpākṣa – He Who Sees All (西方廣目天王)
Vaiśravaṇa – He Who Hears All (多聞天王)
Dhṛtarāṣṭra – He Who Upholds All (持國天王)
Shen Shu the Door God (神荼鬱壘)
Lei Shen the God of Thunder (雷神)
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