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'New Immigrants Joint Crafts Exhibition'
'New Immigrants Joint Crafts Exhibition'
2017-04-15 ~ 2017-05-14

The Taipei Branch of the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute will hold an exhibition featuring diverse crafts by new immigrants from April 15 through May 14. 

In collaboration with the National Immigration Agency, the exhibition will showcase roughly 40 crafts by new immigrants from China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The exhibition will allow audiences to see crafts that integrate the cultural elements of Taiwan and their home countries. Each unique piece offers insight on the lives of new immigrants in Taiwan.

For instance, Guo Su-yi (郭素亦) from northern China will present her driftwood sculptures featuring famous Taiwanese figures such director Ang Lee, basketball player Jeremy Lin, and philanthropist Chen Shu-chu (陳樹菊) to show her deep attachment to Taiwan.

A three-dimensional rolled paper art team, on the other hand, has been promoting this specific Vietnamese craft in Taiwan. Formed by Taiwan-born children of first-generation immigrants, the team hopes to introduce the culture of their homeland to more Taiwanese people.

In addition, the exhibition will show how new immigrants now play an important role in passing down Taiwan’s cultural heritage. Chen Yi-huan (陳義花) from Indonesia, whose mother-in-law Lavaus (陳利友妹) is a Paiwan artisan from Taitung, is now a preserver of traditional Paiwan embroidery.

And there’s Lee Gan-ya (李玕雅) from Thailand who has learned bark weaving from her husband Lee Yung-moo (李永謨), a notable bark weaver who turns tree bark into exquisite crafts. For over two decades, Lee and her husband have been dedicated to passing down the art form to the next generation.

The NTCRI has also introduced foreign-language tour services for its Taipei Branch. Introduction text have been added in Vietnamese and Indonesian languages, and six new immigrants have been recruited to serve as tour guide this year, noted NTCRI Director Hsu Keng-hsiu (許耿修).

The six volunteers who are from Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam have recently graduated from their training course. NTCRI hopes to encourage more new immigrants to participate in local arts and cultural activities and achieve equal cultural access for all residents on Taiwan.


‘New Immigrants Joint Crafts Exhibition’

  • Date: April 15 – May 14, 2017
  • Venue: NTCRI, Taipei Branch
  • Address: No 41 Nanhai Road, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Website: http://taipei.ntcri.gov.tw/


An opening ceremony was held on April 15 to welcome the featured artists and new volunteer guides.
An opening ceremony was held on April 15 to welcome the featured artists and new volunteer guides.
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