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Creative expo app to offer best of Taiwan crafts, cultural tours
Creative expo app to offer best of Taiwan crafts, cultural tours

The 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Fringe Shops, a mobile application aiming to detonate the cultural and creative capacity of Taiwan through cultural tourism, will kick off on April 1.

The fringe shop program is aimed at expanding the scope of the coming Creative Expo Taiwan, a large-scale exhibition fair launched by the Ministry of Culture in 2010 for the creative brands in Taiwan to market their products.

A total of 379 shops – including those in Keelung, Yilan, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Taitung – will join the event to offer a wide range of creative products, food and drinks, and art galleries for visitors to experience the creativity of Taiwan.

This year, the scope of activities has been extended to other cities and counties for the first time. Local agencies are recommending regional cultural and creative stores, such as Yingge Spot Handcraft Gallery, Lukang Fancy Lion Head, and Tanaka Pottery Art, thereby promoting both cultural development and tourism diversification via the app.

By linking the April 19-23 expo with creative shops and boutiques across the nation, the application will offer both online and offline shopping experiences. Users can explore new stores, receive promotions, and create their personal shopping maps through the mobile application as well.

The app will also offer a treasure hunt via checking-in at designated sites and collecting virtual points, which in return can be exchanged for hotel coupons, creative workshop vouchers, porcelain kitchenware, and other gifts exceeding NT$1,000 in value.

Nine exclusive walking tours have been launched for visitors to experience the local cultures of Taipei, New Taipei City, Yilan, and Taichung. They will be led by professional tour guides and volunteers eager to guide walking enthusiasts in discovering exciting stories behind the development of Taiwanese neighborhoods.

Additional information on participating shops will be posted on the Creative Expo Taiwan’s event page (http://creativeexpo.tw/en/) to encourage expo participants to venture beyond the main exhibition venue and learn more about Taiwan’s grassroots creativity. For more information on the CET Fringe Shops program, please visit http://cetmap.tw/.


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