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Taiwan International Music Festival returns for 2017
Taiwan International Music Festival returns for 2017

The 2017 Taiwan International Music Festival (TIMF) will unfold across Taipei, Yilan, and Pingtung, presenting nine days of music concerts from April 15 through 23.

Organized by the Taiwan Music Institute, the festival titled “Tradition on the Wing” will present the value of tradition and its various possibilities through a series of music performed by Taiwanese and international musicians.

In collaboration with South Korea’s Jeonju International Sori Festival, the “Korea Focus” section will feature Miyeon & Park’s arirang large ensemble led by Korean heavyweight music director Park Je-chun (朴在千).

The Korean ensemble will partner with Taiwan’s aboriginal Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe (泰武古謠傳唱) to present symphonic music that integrates Paiwan ballads, Korean folk songs, sinawi music, jazz, rock, and avant-garde music in Pingtung.

The “Beyond Border – Taiwan” concert will present interdisciplinary music produced by Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Art and Music winners Huang Yu-ling (黃宇琳) and Lu Yun (陸橒).

“Beyond Border – Korea,” on the other hand, will feature works by award-winning Korean jazz band Asian Scholars that combine national Korean music with contemporary arrangements.

To showcase how traditional music has evolved in recent years, the French Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (ICRAM) will present “Electronic Sound of Paris Night,” a production that incorporates science, sound art, and body movement.

Fellow French group, the Paris-based All For Contemporary Music (Tout Pour la Musique Contemporaine), will join Taiwanese erhu soloist Wang Ying-chien (王瀅絜) and perform for the concert “A Moment for Music Pursuers.” 

In addition, Taiwanese composers Chen Cheng-wen (陳政文) and Chen Heng (陳珩) have been selected to collaborate with TMPC to create music by applying technology to traditional music and instruments.

A special segment this year will feature the TIMF band. Formed by musicians of the Taiwan Music Institute’s Discipleship program and led by Germany-based Taiwanese conductor Lin Liao (廖曉玲), the TIMF band will perform works by leading Hungarian composer Peter Eotvos.

Works by young Taiwanese composers Liu Wei-chih (劉韋志) and Lin Chia-ying (林佳瑩), who have both participated in a training program launched by Peter Eotvos through the Discipleship program, will also be performed.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “Sunflower Music Association (向日葵樂會)” formed by veteran musicians such as Ma Shui-long (馬水龍), Chen Mau-liang (陳懋良), Shen Chin-tang (沈錦堂) Lai Deh-ho (賴德和), and Wen Lung-hsin (溫隆信), additional concerts will be performed by young musicians as tribute to Taiwan’s musical masters.

Concert tickets and information can be found at the event website here.



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