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Permit rules softened for foreign artists & cultural professionals
Permit rules softened for foreign artists & cultural professionals

The Ministry of Culture has recently reached an agreement with the Council of Labor Affairs (勞動部) on softening rules for foreign passport holders who are employed by Taiwan’s arts and cultural sectors.

The Ministry is now actively working with the Council of Labor Affairs to assist foreign performing groups hoping to work in Taiwan, including the recent work permit application by Theater Naturally Connected (自然而然劇團) for a Polish playwright to hold workshops in Taiwan.

The Ministry and Council is also collaborating on a recent application by Assignment Theatre (差事劇團) to help a South Korean director and theater designer work in Taiwan.

Following discussions by the two agencies, cultural workshops and forums are now added to the Artistic Work category, which refers to foreigners being employed to engage in fields encompassing music, dance, art, drama, literature, folk art, craft, environmental art, photography, radio broadcast, and film.

To manage the diverse development of arts and gather more feedback, the Ministry will hold consultation meetings concerning the work permit for foreign artistic groups and individuals to understand the difficulties faced by applicants, and use the experience as reference for examining and amending related regulations in the future.

The original Chinese press release can be found here. All members of the public are also welcomed to submit their thoughts on this issue through a dedicated Google form: goo.gl/FJIXt8.


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