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Literature-adapted films to promote habit of reading
Literature-adapted films to promote habit of reading

To entice members of the younger generation to take a deeper interest in classic Taiwan literature, the Ministry of Culture has launched a second audiovisual series adapted from the works of iconic writers.

Following the debut of the ten-episode “Reading Time” last year, “Reading Time II” will release cinematic adaptions of stories by writers Wang Chen-ho (王禎和), Wang Ting-kuo (王定國), Lee Wei-ching (李維菁), and Wu Chuo-liu (吳濁流). The four 75-minute films are respectively directed by Wen Chih-yi (溫知儀), Hung Yu-ju (洪于茹), Hsieh Ting-yu (謝定瑜), and Lee Chih-chiang (李志薔).

“Reading Time II” is based on four literary works of unique charms:


  • Rose, Rose, I Love You (玫瑰玫瑰我愛你)” is set during the Vietnam War when US troops were stationed in Taiwan. Using comedic techniques, the director hopes for viewers to experience the range of banter and tolerance amid the depressive reality of war and Taiwan’s dependence on American aid.
  • Alluring Woman (妖精)” explores the fickleness of the world through an emotional story that depicts human depravity, sublimation, love, and hatred.
  • The realistically shot “Life is Sweet (生活是甜蜜)” uses art reviews to comment on human relations. The favorable – and unfavorable – romantic encounters of one woman becomes euphemisms for the turbulence of an entire era.
  • The Doctor’s Mother (先生媽)” takes place against the backdrop of colonial Taiwan, in which a young member of the elite class clashes with his mother over the adoption of Japanese culture under the influence of the Kominka (皇民化) movement, otherwise known as Japanization.


The high-definition reboot of classical tales is expected to draw young readers back into the world of reading and create a sustainable future for Taiwan literature.

Viewers will be able to catch all four episodes on channels such as TTV (台視), Hakka TV (客家電視台), and CBC Entertainment (東森綜合台) starting April 16. Read about the first part of the series here – Reading Time: Literature-adapted films to promote reading.


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