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'Exquisite Stones of Formosa'
'Exquisite Stones of Formosa'
2017-03-07 ~ 2017-10-29

The National Taiwan Museum in Taipei will hold an exhibition featuring Taiwanese gemstones and stone art by local artists from March 7 through Oct. 29.

To highlight Taiwan’s rich minerals and gems, the museum is collaborating with the National Dong Hwa University and the Bureau of Mines under the Ministry of Economic Affairs to introduce the origins of renowned stone types.

The section “Taiwan Stones” will display five kinds of precious gems generated by local geological activity, including nephrite (Taiwan jade), Taiwan dark jade, rhodonite, violitde, Taiwan blue chalcedony (Taiwan sapphire), and aragonite, which are varied in color, texture, and pattern.

The “Hualien Stone Art” section, on the other hand, will combine science and nature to install a kaleidoscopic house of mirrors. The house will allow visitors to walk inside an interior inlaid with gems, and observe the rich colors through microscope lens, noted curator Hong Mo-chou (洪莫愁).

Artworks such as gemstone sculptures by Hualien-based artisans including Hsu Li-hsien (許禮憲), Wei Young-hsien (魏永賢) and Wu Wei-ku (吳偉谷) will also be showcased to present the integration of nature, culture, and art.

Visitors can look forward to several rare pieces of artwork, including a 190cm-long sword made with Taiwan jade and dark jade, as well as a chunk of Taiwan blue chalcedony that weighs 127kg and measures 85cm in length, 65cm in width, and 12cm in thickness.

In addition, stone slab art originating from the eastern counties of Hualien and Taitung will stun visitors with their natural compositions. The art form developed locally in 1995 uses metamorphic rocks with natural patterns that resemble landscape paintings. Such natural masterpieces have been given the name “canvas of God.”

Director Hong Shi-you (洪世佑) of the National Taiwan Museum noted that these gems are valuable for research and preservation purposes as they record geologic history and environmental shifts. Thus, the museum has been collecting Taiwan gems to record local natural history and promote earth science education.

Additional keynote forums offering in-depth knowledge on stone painting and literary painting practices will be held alongside the exhibition.


‘Exquisite Stones of Formosa’


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