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National Cultural Congress to map out Taiwan's future policies
National Cultural Congress to map out Taiwan's future policies

The upcoming 2017 National Cultural Congress is aimed at cohering a consensus through popular participation in policy discussions, mapping out the blueprint for Taiwan’s cultural inclusion and development, and protecting the succession of heritage and traditions.

From March through June, regional forums will be held in north, central, south, and east Taiwan, including on offshore islands. Upholding the principles of cultural citizenship, open deliberation, public participation, diverse and equal rights, and cooperative governance, the forums will be dedicated to six main topics:


A. Cultural Democracy – Promoting changes and organizational transformations in the nation’s cultural governance.

B. Cultural Creativity – Supporting artistic and cultural freedom and enhancing perception and quality of aesthetics.

C. Cultural Vitality – Preserving the shared memories of the people and conserving heritage within the original context and historic backdrop.

D. Cultural Continuity – Developing the cultural economy via the construction of a sustainable and culturally creative sector.

E. Cultural Tolerance – Fostering diversity in culture and embracing exchanges.

F. Cultural Transcendence – Supporting interdisciplinary projects and cultural applications of technology and science.


The timetable, discussion materials, and meeting minutes will be available through the National Cultural Congress website (http://nccwp.moc.gov.tw). Users will also be able to voice their opinions by partaking in forums and submitting proposals via the website’s Citizen Think Tank section.

Also on the agenda is the mired Culture Basic Law, which has been ten years in the making but has yet to receive consensus regarding the guiding principles of national cultural development. The National Cultural Congress will solicit feedback before the Ministry of Culture proposes a new draft for ratification.

Separate forums dedicated to youth, immigration, and indigenous issues will be scheduled for the latter half of 2017.


National Cultural Congress

South Forum — https://goo.gl/forms/ojlm7N4hFIw7Z4tk2 

East Forum — https://goo.gl/forms/PURmzL3UZimRwbzf1

Central Forum — https://goo.gl/forms/XMwlRzE2rps90pet1

North Forum — https://goo.gl/forms/ExxKaJggKHHoSUYw2



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