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'Exhibition on the Donated Relics of Zhou Ding-shan'
'Exhibition on the Donated Relics of Zhou Ding-shan'
2017-02-25 ~ 2017-08-27

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature will hold an exhibition featuring the literary journey of the late writer Zhou Ding-shan (周定山) from Feb. 25 through Aug. 27.

Zhou (1898-1975) was a versatile literary figure whose works encompassed poetry, calligraphy, paintings, and seal carvings. Despite the turbulent times of war and regime changes, Zhou never gave up on literary creations throughout his life.

Using the overarching theme of “shan (山),” a Chinese character in his name meaning “mountain,” the exhibition will present Zhou’s literary world and his persistence in writing and creating, as well as his self-expectations as an intellect.

The exhibition will be divided into four sections, showing manuscripts, calligraphic works, ink paintings of crabs, and hand-carved stamps to convey his idea of “literature should speak for the public and reflect all of society.” It will also showcase the cultural relics left from the Chinese herbal medicine pharmacy he worked for to highlight his other talents.

In addition, an interactive section will allow visitors to learn about Zhou’s attitude toward writing by constructing new sentences following the pattern of those written by Zhou.

A Chinese medicine shelf with verses inside its drawers will also be installed at the museum to present the idea that poetry is a remedy for life. Zhou’s ink paintings of crabs will be brought to life through an interactive device as well.

Now housed by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature now, these cultural relics were donated by Zhou’s family, who saved as many items as possible from Zhou’s old house when it was battered by Tropical Storm Trami in 2013.

NMTL Director Liao Chen-fu (廖振富) noted that Zhou, like fellow Lukang Township writers Zhuang Chui-sheng (莊垂勝), Ye Rong-zhong (葉榮鐘) and Hong Yan-qiu (洪炎秋), had made significant contributions to Taiwan literature. However, compared to the aforementioned three literary figures, Zhou experienced more hardships in his life.

Zhou’s fourth son Zhou Zhi-yi (周至一) noted that it was really touching to see his father’s cultural relics being showcased in a museum.

The exhibition is an expression of the museum’s gratitude to Zhou’s family, who entrusted the museum with preserving Zhou’s items, and an opportunity for the public to learn about the respected writer in depth.   


‘Exhibition on the Donated Relics of Zhou Ding-shan’

  • Date: Feb. 25 – Aug. 27, 2017
  • Venue: National Museum of Taiwan Literature
  • Address: No. 1 Zhongzheng Rd., West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Website: http://www.nmtl.gov.tw/


Handcarved seals by Zhou Ding-shan.
Handcarved seals by Zhou Ding-shan.
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