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'TJDMA World's Jewelry & Metal Design Awards'
'TJDMA World's Jewelry & Metal Design Awards'
2017-03-03 ~ 2017-03-30

An exhibition featuring winning and outstanding works from the TJDMA World’s Jewelry & Metal Design competition will be held at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute’s Taipei Branch from March 3 through 30.

Co-curated with competition organizer Taiwan Jewelry Design & Metalsmith Association (臺灣珠寶金工創作協會), the exhibition aims to help young designers gain exposure. It will also allow the public to learn more about such art form.

Under the theme “Wind,” the 2017 competition featured jewelry and metalwork using lazurite as the main design. Submissions were varied in forms and styles to highlight the serenity and flowing movement of wind.

A total of 51 works, including those that won silver or bronze, as well as honorable mentions and select works, will be showcased in Taipei to present the unique designs by the younger generation from around the world.

The top-winning work, “Wish (願)” by Peng Wan-ting (彭琬婷), took inspiration from Taiwan’s traditional sky lanterns to create a lantern-shaped jewelry decorated with diamonds that symbolize stars.

“Wind of Flower Core (芯風)” by Zeng Zi-yun (曾子云), on the other hand, is a swirling pair of earrings adorned with lazurite to present the elegance and flowing nature of wind.

Established in 1999, the Taiwan Jewelry Design & Metalsmith Association was formed by a group of professional jewelers and metalsmiths. Membership was later expanded to include professors, freelancers, artists, and designers working with jewelry or metalwork.

The association has been actively promoting and passing down the art of metalsmith and jewelry. By holding the annual TJDMA competition, it provides a platform for young artists to connect with overseas jewelry industries, enhance artistic value of their works, and boost creativity. 

The exhibition is also expected to promote innovation in jewelry design, and encourages more talented craftspeople to participate in designing and creating jewelry and metal art. 


‘TJDMA World’s Jewelry & Metal Design Awards’


"Wish (願)" by Peng Wan-ting (彭琬婷), who took inspiration from Taiwan's traditional sky lanterns.
"Wish (願)" by Peng Wan-ting (彭琬婷), who took inspiration from Taiwan's traditional sky lanterns.
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