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Announcing the 2017 Taiwan-France Cultural Award laureates
Announcing the 2017 Taiwan-France Cultural Award laureates

The laureates of the 2017 Taiwan-France Cultural Award are Patrice Martinet and the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies. The prize will be jointly presented in Paris by the Ministry of Culture and the Institute of France’s Academy of Moral and Political Science and Politics this November.

Martinet, current artistic director of the Athénée Louis-Jouvet Theatre, is also founder of the Paris Summer Quarter Festival established in 1990. Since 1994, Martinet has collaborated with the Council for Cultural Affairs, predecessor of the Ministry of Culture, to invite Contemporary Legend Theatre to perform in Paris on a regular basis.

Martinet then invited Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in 1994, and Ju Percussion Group in 1998. In 2000, the Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe and Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Troupe were also invited to perform at Palais-Royal. Their performances were aired and made into a documentary by Arte TV network.

Martinet then invited Yeh Shu-Han Brass Quintet in 2001, and U-Theatre in 2004. All Taiwan-themed programs planned by him have received positive reviews from major French news outlets, giving Taiwanese groups more opportunities to perform in other French theaters and join the European arts scene. 

Established in 2009, the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies is affiliated with the Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna. Astrid Lipinsky is currently serving as the center’s director.

Under Lipinsky’s leadership, the Department of East Asian Studies added Taiwan studies to its curriculum in 2008 and offered an academic program titled “Cross-sectional Study of Taiwan” for the 2015-2016 school year.

Since 2009, Lipinsky has also participated in 30 seminars around the world, and published several research papers on the state of human rights, cultural diversity, and feminism in Taiwan. Moreover, the Vienna Center has launched postgraduate courses enabling students to learn about Taiwan through literature, media, and films.

Each winner of the Taiwan-France Cultural Award serves as an important bridge for promoting cultural exchanges among Taiwan, France, and Europe.

Laureates encompass individuals and organizations from such fields as literature, Sinology, folk studies, and art who have devoted their lives to cultural exchanges. Each recipient continues today in raising European interest and understanding of Taiwan.


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