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Taiwan literature museum launches sign-language app guide

To make the arts more accessible to hearing-impaired exhibitiongoers, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature introduced a new feature to its mobile application – “Permanent Exhibition Sign-Language Guide” – to the public on Feb. 15.

Museum Director Liao Chen-fu (廖振富) noted that the mobile app was developed by Director Chang Jung-hsing (張榮興) of the National Chung Cheng University’s Graduate Institute of Linguistics, professor Hsing Min-hua (邢敏華), consultant Ku Yu-shan (顧玉山) of the ROC National Association of the Deaf (中華民國聾人協會), and Cheng Yong-chi (鄭雍錡), the museum’s hearing-impaired director who held several discussions with museum committee member Tsai Shih-hong (蔡世鴻).

Assisted by Ku, the content of the app’s sign-language guide was translated and filmed by the hearing-impaired community. Each permanently displayed item was described by professional sign-language interpreters to help hearing-impaired museumgoers better understand Taiwan literature.  

The user-friendly application allows users to switch to the newly added sign-language mode by clicking the menu on the top left-hand corner. The main display will offer three sections – “About the National Museum of Taiwan Literature,” “Old Architecture, New Life,” and “Permanent Exhibition Sign-Language Guide.”

There are a total of 35 sign-language guides so far on the literature museum housed in a centennial-old building, encompassing the introduction of cultural relics, history of the museum, information for visitors, maps and directions, introduction of the architect, and architectural development.

In addition, app users can view full descriptions of exhibited objects by clicking the key tab on the top right-hand corner, and entering the number marked on the side of each displayed item in the museum.

The bilingual (Chinese and English) application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Free souvenirs will be available through March 31 for those who visit the museum and 1) demonstrate that they have downloaded the application and 2) signal the title of their favorite permanent exhibition. 

In other related news, in a bid to better protect its cultural relics from prolonged exposure to sunlight, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature will adjust its opening hours starting March 1, 2017. The new opening hours will be 9am through 6pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.  


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