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Cultural & Creative Subsidies
Cultural & Creative Subsidies


In order to strengthen capital diversity and improve the cultural and creative industry development environment, the Ministry of Culture, in accordance with articles 9 and 19 of the Cultural and Creative Industries Law, formulated the “Handling and Strengthening Investment in the Cultural Industry Project Execution Points,” the “Cultural and Creative Industry Preferential Lending Points” and other finance mechanisms in 2010.

These help the cultural and creative industries to obtain necessary development capital in addition to that offered by the Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financial Service Office. Such methods offer financing and funding services that cover policy dissemination, consultation, investment matchmaking, financial aid and other items.

In 2011, the Ministry established the Strengthening Investment in Cultural and Creative Industries Trust and Investment Management Plan, using a private-public cooperative administered company to implement source-case development, investment estimates, investment examination, post-investment management and other business services.

In response to the demands of the cultural and creative industry, projects of small, non-guaranteed, or revenue-unstable scope can also obtain a Credit Guarantee Fund and the trust of a bank after a verification process. To increase the willingness of banks to lend money, the Ministry will also make small and micro loans available to cultural and creative enterprises by offering interest subsidies and decreasing the burden of borrowing.

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