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Taiwan Season: Taiwan's 2017 lineup for Edinburgh Fringe
Taiwan Season: Taiwan's 2017 lineup for Edinburgh Fringe

The Ministry of Culture has decided on the lineup for the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe: five teams were chosen to represent Taiwan culture at the world’s largest art festival this August.

The Ministry received a total of 42 submissions this year. The selection of candidates was carried out in two stages by the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. and venue managers and staff from Edinburgh Fringe.


The final five are:

  • Puppet Beings Theatre (偶偶偶劇團)
  • Lee Chen-wei (李貞葳) & ART B&B
  • Sun Son Theatre (身聲劇場)   
  • Co-coism (明日和合製作所)  
  • Zhuang Kuo-sin Aboriginal Dance Theatre (莊國鑫原住民舞蹈實驗劇場)  



  • Shinehouse Theatre (曉劇場)
  • Sun-Shier Dance Theatre (三十舞蹈劇場) 


The Puppet Beings Theatre is a troupe known for their object theater for children. Founded in 2000, the troupe has produced numerous performances and joined the Edinburgh Fringe in the past two years.

Lee Chen-wei is an Israel-based Taiwanese dancer who is working with the world-renowned Batsheva Dance Company. Lee will stage her collaborative project produced with choreographer Vakulya Zoltan called “Together Alone (孤單在一起).”

Founded in 1998, Sun Son Theatre is a cross-disciplinary performance troupe that aims to explore different possibilities of theatre performances through percussion, movement, sound, and theater. It will present “Heart of Darkness (噬).”

Co-coism is a newly-established troupe formed in 2016 by three up-and-coming artists who have been exploring and experimenting different forms of performances. The troupe will stage its production “Never Ever (曾經未曾).”

Established by Amis artist Zhuang Kuo-sin (莊國鑫) in 2005, Zhuang Kuo-sin Aboriginal Dance Theatre is a troupe that presents contemporary dance and Taiwan’s aboriginal culture through experimental theater. Zhuang will debut “038” at Edinburgh.

The 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe will return from Aug. 4 through 28. Each year, the festival opens a series of performances, exhibitions, forums, and workshops, attracting audiences and professionals from around the world to participate, interact, and promote culture and the arts.


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