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In an effort to effectively foster the cultural and creative industries, the Creative Taiwan – Cultural and Creative Industry Development Project has been promoted since 2009. This project includes both environmental readiness and a flagship plan; planning of the environmental readiness portion is the responsibility of this Ministry.

As enterprises mature, they have different needs: capital, talent, research & development and market orientation. Using every kind of strategic tool available and leading creative enterprises to vigorous growth, this program has contributed to the positive and constructive development of the creative industries. This has caused related industries to also enjoy considerable guidance and aid, allowing them to grow.

From current industries, the flagship plan will select those that are more mature, possess greater output potential, and offer beneficial industry connections and propose a plan directed at their developmental characteristics and needs.

Measures relating to the environmental readiness plan are as below:

Diverse capital apportionment

  • Using subsidies to help cultural and creative industrialization, including fulfillment, incubation and localized subsidies.
  • Conducting target research and development, brand marketing and market expansion for funds.
  • Establishing an investment and financial body for cultural and creative industries, and promoting a mechanism to evaluate intangible assets.

Industrial research, development and guidance:

  • Developing cultural and creative industry strategies and measures by establishing a cultural and creative industry case office.
  • Setting up a one-stop service center, providing the cultural and creative industries with advice and guidance, and integrating cultural and creative industry advocacy with other business services.

Market circulation and development:

  • Organizing or assisting industry stakeholders to participate in local and international competitions and awards.
  • Integrating resources to help the open development of both domestic and international markets.
  • Helping cultural and creative operators to participate in important international exhibitions, and initiating a cross-strait cultural and creative industry mechanism for cooperation and market development.

Talent cultivation and matching:

  • Support promising cultural up-and-comers, including relying on corporate-academic partnerships.
  • Creating a specialized curriculum for nurturing agents with cross-over potential.
  • Establishing an integrated cultural and creative talent information platform.

Cluster effect:

  • Promoting the renovation and operation of cultural and creative parks in Taipei, Hualien, Chiayi and Tainan.
  • Fostering the cross-sector integration of cultural and creative industries to help improve regional development, talent and output value. 


As such, Huashan 1914 Creative Park has been designated as a “Cross-Sector Arts Demonstration and Fine Arts Model,” Hualien Culture Park has been designated as a “Integrated Culture, Art and Tourism Industry Test Site,” Chiayi Culture Park has been designated as a “Traditional Art Innovation Center,” and Tainan Culture Park has been designated as a “Taiwan Creativity, Life and Cultural Industry Development Center.”


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