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Country, author lineup for the 2017 Taipei book fair unveiled
Country, author lineup for the 2017 Taipei book fair unveiled

The Taipei International Book Exhibition will return for its 25th edition at the Taipei World Trade Center from Feb. 8 through 18.

Under the theme “Sharing the Joy of Reading” this year, the exhibition will extend its opening hours to late evening for the first time. It will also offer a wider range of sections for different audience groups.

Key highlights include “Independent Publishers and NGOs,” “Literature and Arts Books,” “International Publishers,” “Digital Publishing,” “Foreign Book Importers, Wholesale Outlets, and Book Agents,” and “International Bar.”

“Independent Publishers and NGOs” is a newly established section. Organized by Taiwan’s Indie Publishers (獨立出版聯盟), Taiwan Association for Independent Bookshop Culture (台灣獨立書店文化協會), and Taiwan Labour Front (台灣勞工陣線協會), the three organizations will each have its own section to promote their books and the value of bookstore independence.

The European section, which is designed as a café that will offer free coffee at certain hours during the fair, will feature publishers and books from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, and Switzerland.

The Germany Pavilion, for example, will bring a total of 210 latest releases, including award-winning books, children’s books, and graphic novels. Professional publishers such as Friederike Barakat, Daniela Filthaut, and Dr. Andreas Rötzer will also join the fair to share their experience of publishing.

Philippe Claudel, an award-winning French writer and filmmaker who has released fourteen novels and directed one film, will also join the exhibition. His latest work “L'arbre du pays Toraja” will be published later this year in Taiwan.

Belgium, which produces world-renowned children’s books and illustrations, will select the latest publications from five publishers and invite two noted illustrators to host forums and book-signing sessions in Taipei.

Czech painter and designer Tomáš Řízek, who is now based in Taiwan, will also host a forum during the fair to share the influence of European culture, spirit, and art on his creations.

Especially renowned for its elegant poetry, Slovakia will display traditional Chinese editions of contemporary Slovakian literature as well as poems by Nobel Prize nominee Milan Rufus at its pavilion.

The largest pavilion this year will belong to Switzerland. Thirteen Swiss publishers specializing in art, architecture, literature, photography, design, relationships, and family, as well as in children’s books and translated books, will travel to Taipei for the event. 

In addition to European writers, notable authors from other countries such as American sci-fi novelist Kevin Hearne, Chinese-American writer Ha Jin (哈金), and Japanese illustrators Kagawa Gentaro (香川元太郎) and Kazuo Iwamura (岩村和朗) will also be hosting forums to share their works with Taiwanese readers.

A special highlight this year will be the Israel Pavilion, which will offer literary works that reflect on the Holocaust and Jewish culture and religion. It will also showcase various board games like Rummikub, a popular tile-based game.

To expand public reading space, the Ministry of Culture will organize a program titled “The City is Reading,” using the book fair as a base to connect overseas offices of the Ministry of Culture, independent bookstores, cultural venues, and libraries to host over 40 forums featuring pertinent topics from global publishing and reading.


‘2017 TIBE: Sharing the Joy of Reading’

  • Date: Feb. 8 – 18, 2017
  • Venue: Hall 1 & Hall 3 of Taipei World Trade Center
  • Addresses:
    • No. 5 Xinyi Rd. Section 5, Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC)
    • No. 6 Songshou Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Website: www.tibe.org.tw
  • Taipei Metro: Taipei 101 Station on the Tamsui-Xinyi (Red) Line


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