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NTLAC | 'Taiwan-Germany International Conference on Translation'
NTLAC | 'Taiwan-Germany International Conference on Translation'

The National Taitung Living Arts Center hosted the first Taiwan-Germany International Conference on Translation to discuss the finesse of literary translation in the eastern township of Luye on Nov. 14.

In collaboration with Germany’s Federal Foreign Office and the Taiwan Cultural & Creative Platform Foundation, the conference invited German-to-Chinese translators and Chinese-to-German translators to share their experiences in translating literary works and discuss topics on cultural backgrounds, languages, and techniques.

The conference was hosted by Marc Hermann, the translator of works by Chinese writer Elieen Chang (張愛玲), and featured two teams of translators who explored ways of faithful translation and interpretation.

The Chinese-to-German translation team included Burkhard Risse and Cornelia Travnicek; Johannes Fiederling, who translated works by Taiwanese authors including Chung Wen-yin (鍾文音) and Egoyan Zheng (伊格言); Eva Schestag, translator of the German edition of the Chinese classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國演義)”; and Martin Winter, who has translated poems by many Taiwanese poets.

The German-to-Chinese translation team consisted of Xu Yun-ting (徐韻婷); Tang Wei (唐薇), the translator of Juli Zeh’s works; Lin Min-ya (林敏雅), who specializes in translating children’s books and young adult literature; and Guan Zhong-qi (管中琪) who translated German novels including “Er ist wieder da (Look Who’s Back).”

The international conference was made possible by Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, an association founded by Germany’s Federal Cultural Foundation to support translators by offering scholarships, workshops, seminars, and forums.

The National Taitung Living Art Center has partnered with Swiss publishers in recent years to hold workshops on children’s books. This year, it expanded the workshop to include the international literary translation conference.

Additional meetings were held at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, where translators, Taiwanese authors, publishers and editors gathered to exchange ideas and build partnerships.


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