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A Certain Studio (敷一間工作室) debuted “Psychic of Light (械動影),” a new media project integrating arts and technology, at the TAF Innovation Base on Nov. 11 and 12.

“Psychic of Light” is a large air-filled installation that incorporates interactive devices, music, hardware, and videos. It is the creation of a diverse group of artists equipped with different specialties, including Huang Hsin-chien (黃心健), Tao Ya-lun (陶亞倫), Blaire Ko (柯智豪), Huang Kai-yu (黃凱宇), and Lian Jun-jie (連俊傑).

Taking inspiration from the rituals of folk religions, the artists transform traditional street performances into a celebratory pilgrimage. The three-phrase performance includes having the installation expand with air and project symbolic rites before returning to its original state.

Combining lights, moving images, projections, and body movements of dancers, “Psychic of Light” delivers a technological pilgrimage with an ambience of sacredness. It deftly creates an illusion of space for audience members by combining traditional visual arts with the cultural applications of technology.

Organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Cross-Field Integration of Technology and Arts subsidy program has promoted and encouraged the collaboration of arts and science in Taiwan. With the 2016 program coming to the end, subsidized teams have released their works in succession. 

CBMI (涅所開發), another team supported by the program, debuted its work “Render Ghost v2.0” last month to positive reviews.

The Cross-Field Integration of Technology and Arts subsidy program provides up to NT$1.8 million in funds and is now open for submission. The 2017 open call will end on Dec. 5, find out more at https://goo.gl/KkJPGY.  

Psychic of Light
The Cross-Field Integration of Technology and Arts subsidy program
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