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'Taiwan Religious Heritage Preservation & Restoration Exhibition'
'Taiwan Religious Heritage Preservation & Restoration Exhibition'
2016-11-30 ~ 2017-05-31

A special exhibition featuring religious art, cultural relics, and folk festivals stemming from a diverse group of religions in Taiwan will be available at the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum in Kaohsiung from Nov. 30 through May 31, 2017.

The exhibition will offer insights on the development of different religions in Taiwan and the various ethnic groups preserving religious heritage through architecture, paintings, rituals, and cultural relics.

A total of eight sections will present cultural assets spanning religious structures, ambrosial palanquins, the Matsu Holy Pilgrimage, deity statues and their unique garments, murals, inscribed plaques, and related documents. The last section will highlight the impact of religious beliefs on humanity.

The exhibition will also offer theft stories about the stolen head of a Buddha statue from the Northern Qi Dynasty and a Guanyin copper statue. The two relics are respectively preserved by Fo Guang Shan and Lukang Longshan Temple after they were willingly returned.

The displayed items are on loan from temples, as well as public and private museums across Taiwan, including the National Museum of History, Lungshan Temple of Wanhua, Chaotian Temple, Xingang Fengtian Temple, Wanchin Church, Taipei-based Museum of World Religions, and National Museum of Taiwan History.

As the first exhibition held by the public sector to present the restoration and preservation of religious heritage, the exhibition hopes to help audiences better understand the importance of heritage preservation through its restored religious items and arts, noted Director Shy Gwo-long (施國隆) of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage.

The opening ceremony will feature a performance of “The Heart Sutra (心經)” by Nanguan virtuoso Wang Xin-xin (王心心) of Xin Xin Nanguan Ensemble (心心南管樂坊) on Nov. 30. There will also be an accompanying forum titled "2016 Conference on Asia-Pacific Religious Cultural Heritage Conservation" running from Dec. 1 to 2 at the museum; sign up here.


‘Encounter – Refine – Reappear: Taiwan Religious Heritage Preservation & Restoration Exhibition’


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