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Paiwan Artist | Etan Pavavalung


Did You Know That …?


  • Etan Pavavalung was originally an oil painter. After Typhoon Morakot destroyed his village, he created the “carved lines and patterns” technique to better reflect the unique aesthetics of the Paiwan people.


  • He has also produced a poem and documentary – both titled “The Fragrant Mountain Winds (山上的風很香)” – to commemorate the displacement of his people. The Davalan tribe now live in prefabricated housing units at the bottom of the mountain.


  • Etan has also worked with artists from different disciplines. In 2015, he partnered with Grammy winner Daniel Ho and Puyuma vocalist Wu Hao-en (吳昊恩) to produce the album art for “Legends of Passage.” The CD booklet contains 13 prints especially made for the world music album.



Read more about the talented artist here or scroll down for pictures of his art.


Legends of Passage / 洄游
Song of the Brave / 勇士之歌
Right Next to You / 就在你旁邊
Mom’s Shell Ginger Plant / 媽媽的月桃
At the Base of a Different Mountain / 到另一個山腳下
Transparent Wind / 來自透明的風
A Sign of Waiting / 盼望的記號
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