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'A Voyage into Infinity – The Exhibition of Ocean Literature in Taiwan'
2016-10-20 ~ 2017-04-30

An exhibition on Taiwan’s oceanic literature will be held at the National Museum of Taiwan Literature from Oct. 10 through April 30, 2017 to present the relationship between the Taiwanese people and the ocean.

The exhibition will showcase a series of cultural relics, documents, books, and manuscripts that reflect the development of Taiwan in connection with the ocean. Videos and interactive devices will also be installed to present Taiwan’s oceanic culture.

A total of three sections – “Oceanic History,” “Oceanic Culture,” and “Oceanic Ecology” – will present literary works encompassing classic poetry, contemporary fiction, ballads, and prose to reflect what the ocean meant to the Taiwanese people at different times, and how it affected their lives.

Orchid Island-based writer Syaman Rapongan (夏曼.藍波安) will offer his manuscripts and tools for carving the tatala, a traditional canoe of the Tao tribe, to show his respect for the Tao people and their relationship with the ocean.

Liao Hung-chi (廖鴻基), an oceanic literature author, will also join the exhibition by integrating his literary works on marine life and the environment with paintings, photographs, and interactive devices.

“Auntie Jinshui (金水嬸),” a novella that portrays the hard life of women in early Taiwanese society, will also be displayed. Written by the late writer Wang Tuoh (王拓), the book, along with Wang’s manuscripts and interview clips, offer insights on the traditional way of life in fishing villages.

In addition, a model of the quintessential “Taiwan Boat” borrowed from the Koxinga Museum will be displayed to highlight the immigration history of Taiwan from the 17th century, in which people began to travel between China, Japan, and Taiwan by boat.

NMTL Director Liao Chen-fu (廖振富) noted that the exhibition aims to pay homage to nativist writers, raise public awareness of marine ecology, and introduce Taiwan’s oceanic literature to the public.


‘A Voyage into Infinity – The Exhibition of Ocean Literature in Taiwan’

  • Date: Oct. 10, 2016 – April 30, 2017
  • Venue: National Museum of Taiwan Literature
  • Address: No. 1 Zhongzheng Rd, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan (ROC)
  • Website: www.nmtl.gov.tw
  • Featured Writers:


The exhibition is offered in three sections – "Oceanic History," "Oceanic Culture," and "Oceanic Ecology."
A model of the so-called "Taiwan Boat (臺灣船)," or Taiwanese junk, from the 17th century.
The handwritten draft of the novella "Auntie Jinshui (金水嬸)."
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