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Tainan Cultural and Creative Park
Tainan Cultural and Creative Park


  • Chinese Name: 臺南文創園區
  • Located At: Tainan (Southern Taiwan)
  • Renowned For: The Tainan park is the only national creative park managed and curated by a school. The Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (南臺科技大學) was behind the project before the park's opening in June 2015.
  • Did You Know That … ?
  • The project was stalled because of issues regarding the lack of parking. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Taiwan Railways Administration stepped in to resolve the park’s parking woes by donating a plot of land.
  • Site: www.b16tainan.com.tw


Although the Tainan Cultural and Creative Park is the smallest among the five national cultural parks of Taiwan, the park enjoys a good location at the center of Tainan close by the Tainan Railway Station. The park also reflects Tainan’s rich and diverse cultural features, making the new venue an ideal hotbed for nurturing cultural professionals.

The Ministry of Culture has tasked the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology to officially take charge of the operations and management of the park, and to focus on the needs of micro- and local creative enterprises by providing in-residence studios and co-working spaces.

The university will also make efficient use of its campus resources in consultation, matchmaking, and lectures to help integrate resources from the cultural and creative sector, government agencies, academic institutes, and local communities. The park is seen as the key to the cultivation of talent and the promotion of cultural equality in southern Taiwan.

Several culturally creative enterprises are already stationed in the park, and activities encompassing exhibitions, a creative market, seminars, and concerts are always on going. Public artworks are introduced to the open-air space of the park in rotation as well.


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Tainan Cultural and Creative Park
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