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GuoGuang Opera Company
GuoGuang Opera Company


  • Chinese Name: 國光劇團
  • Year of Establishment: 1995
  • Founder: Ministry of Education
  • Did You Know That …?
  • The GuoGuang Opera Company was formed by combining three military theater groups – Lu Guang (陸光), Hai Guang (海光), and Da Peng (大鵬) – from the Ministry of National Defense. The talented performers from three military branches came together to become the “Pride of the Nation” – the literal translation of “GuoGuang (國光).”
  • Site: www.kk.gov.tw



About the Troupe

For almost two decades, the GuogGuang Opera Company has continued its mission as an heir of traditional Peking opera. By bringing modern perspectives to the traditional art, GuoGuang embraces contemporary values without losing sight of the opera’s origins ... (read more)


About the Troupe's Diva

Wei Hai-min (魏海敏), the most renowned Peking opera diva of Taiwan, has made a true artist of herself by consistently taking on challenging roles that push the boundaries of traditional female Peking opera roles ... (read more)


Select Productions


  • Meng Xiaodong,” the first production in “A Trilogy of Actors (伶人三部曲),” focuses on legendary opera diva Meng Xiaodong and her quest for a voice, crossing paths with the three most important men in her life. It is a Peking opera musical that encompasses elements from traditional Peking opera, musical, and stage play ... (read more)


  • One Hundred Years on Stage,” the second production in “A Trilogy of Actors (伶人三部曲),” guides the audience through the history of Peking opera in the past century, including the opera’s fate during the Cultural Revolution. The play was released in 2011 to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ... (read more)


  • Flowing Sleeves and Rouge,” the third and final piece of “A Trilogy of Actors (伶人三部曲),” revolves around the souls of Ming Emperor Xuangzong (唐玄宗) and his royal consort Yang Gui-fei (楊貴妃) in their afterlife at the Kingdom of Chinese Theater. The original production is not based on classic literature and focuses on the inner dialogue between actors and their characters ... (read more)


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