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Legend Lin Dance Theatre
Legend Lin Dance Theatre


  • Chinese Name: 無垢舞蹈劇場
  • Year of Establishment: 1995
  • Founder: Lin Lee-chen
  • Sitewww.legend-lin.org.tw
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  • Rather like the slow-pacing that characterizes the work of art house director Tsai Ming-liang (蔡明亮), Legend Lin Dance Theatre moves unhurriedly across the stage, choosing each step with care and deliberating each gesture with precision.



About The Group

Performances by the Legend Lin Dance Theatre always attract keen interest from both Taiwan and overseas; their luscious pieces are inspired by the cultural beauty and spirit embodied in ancient religious performances … (read more)


About the Founder

Founder and artistic director Lin Lee-chen expresses her love and respect for the motherland through choreography that fuses eastern aesthetics with Taiwanese cultural context … (read more)




  • “Mirror of Life (Miroirs de vie)”: Taking inspiration from the timeless ritual of honoring the dead, Miroirs de vie merges Taoist rites, sutra chants, and modern dance to help wandering, homeless souls find peace.


  • “Anthem to the Fading Flowers (Hymne aux fleurs qui passent)”: A ceremonial rite describing the harmony between man, woman, and nature.


  • “Song of Pensive Beholding”: A hymn to nature and the final installment of the trilogy that brings sky, earth, and human together.




  • “For western audiences, it is a beautiful challenge … An ascetic, disorienting journey, but one worth making.” – Financial Times


  • “The art of the Legend Lin Dance Theatre blends an immersive visual aesthetics with choreographies that underlie new meaning to the concept of ‘poetry in motion.’” – Venice International Performance Art Week


  • “Lin Li-Chen’s ‘danse magique’ appeals not to the reason but to the spirit and senses.” – Le Progres


  • “Stripped to the minimal, Lin's reductionist yet powerful dance vocabulary interweaves with the sets, building dense visual imagery and symbolic meaning.” – World Cultures Festival, Hong Kong


  • “Even the best seamstress could not cut a thread from this work.” – Canarias 7 

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