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Paper Windmill Theatre
Paper Windmill Theatre


  • Chinese Name: 紙風車劇團
  • Year of Establishment: 1992
  • Site: www.paperwindmill.com.tw
  • Memorable Quote
  • "Children need children's theater, and Taiwan needs its own children's theater" — Paper Windmill Foundation CEO Lee Yung-feng


About the Group

Two decades ago, a group of Taiwanese theater screenwriters and filmmakers initiated the troupe to perform children’s plays, dances, puppet theater, black light theater, and multimedia shows throughout Taiwan ... (read more)


Select Programs


  • Danny Boy” (2010) - A Hakka-themed children’s musical featuring a set of mellifluous songs, energetic dancing scenes, and vivid animated performances, allowing audiences to transport themselves to a world where reality and imagination co-exist.

  • Windmill Fantasia 2” (2011) - This play mixes classical music, painting and light effects to tell a story about a mysterious disappearance of students at the School of Magic.

  • Save Faustus” (2012) - To help local youngsters understand the perils of drug abuse, the troupe began this program to help local youngsters stay away from drug abuse through stage performances by touring 932 junior high schools around Taiwan.

  • The Taiwan Fantasia” (2013) - This play, based on the story of Don Quixote, is a piece that interprets renowned Taiwanese and world paintings with body movements, and one that depicts a father-son relationship through live actors, puppets, and multimedia.


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