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Pop Music | Pop Music Industry Development Project
Pop Music | Pop Music Industry Development Project


The Pop Music Industry Development Project was launched to boost the production capacity of Taiwan’s pop music industry.

Since 2010, the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development has been working on innovating and upgrading music-related development in order to create a thriving pop music industry.

The four core work areas of the five-year project are:

One: Developing Music Industry Talent

The Bureau will achieve this goal by:

  • Subsidizing proposals that develop and promote pop music brands and artists in order to stimulate the momentum of the pop music industry’s development and industry investment.
  • Subsidizing the recording of independent bands’ musical works and funding innovative marketing to boost the public’s understanding of independent music and the associated culture.
  • Subsidizing cooperation between the music industry and academia, and supporting the employment of foreign music professionals.
  • Subsidizing overseas training and education of local pop music industry professionals.
  • Encouraging universities and colleges to develop pop music courses, thereby integrating the training of pop music industry professionals with the educational system.


Two: Awarding and Conserving Musical Heritage

The Bureau will achieve this goal by:

  • Organizing the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Melody Festival to reward and encourage outstanding industry participants and to stimulate the domestic market.
  • Holding the Golden Indie Music Awards to encourage the development of independent musical talent.
  • Sponsoring the Taiwan Original Music Awards to encourage the creation of pop music by musicians in their mother tongues.
  • Organizing the collection, exhibition and preservation of pop music assets.


Three: Researching Music Policies and Products

The Bureau will achieve this goal by:

  • Subsidizing cross-industry cooperation between the pop industry and the publishing, performing arts, film, television, broadcasting and digital media industries to develop innovative products or business marketing models, which will boost both pop music’s added value and overall revenues.
  • Organizing the U Rock pop music campus tour.
  • Conducting a survey of Taiwan’s pop music industry.


Four: Promoting International Music Exchanges

The Bureau will achieve this goal by:

  • Subsidizing the participation of local bands and musicians in international pop music activities.
  • Encouraging the pop music industry to cooperate with foreign entertainment businesses or groups in such projects as international marketing, performances, music production and releases, technology transfers and project design, by means of co-investment and strategic alliances.
  • Helping Taiwanese bands and musicians organize overseas tours and/or develop careers overseas.
  • Assisting local musicians in participating in major international music festivals.

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