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Broadcasting & TV | Taipei TV Festival
Broadcasting & TV | Taipei TV Festival



The Taipei TV Festival (TTF), one of the world’s largest platforms for copyright trading in Asia-made television programs, takes place annually at the Taipei World Trade Center every September.

Established in 2004, the festival is a reflection of Taiwan’s position as a major producer and supplier of Chinese-language films and television productions. More than 6,146 business representatives from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, the United States, and Asia attended the TTF in 2013. On-site deals were estimated at a value of US$17 million, and post-show agreements exceeded US$34 million.

In recent years, the Taipei TV Festival hopes to revive the spirit of creativity in the TV, film, animation, publishing, and gaming industries. Its rapidly expanding scale and range of products have also attracted the participation of industry giants such as BBC, CNN, Discovery, Disney, FOX International, KBS Media, and HBO.

The TTF offers several sections dedicated to: Asian TV stations and channel providers; programming production companies; distributing companies; animation producers; audiovisual and film associations; non-Taiwan-based media networks; Taiwanese professionals looking to provide shooting location consultations; a business-matchmaking platform for Chinese-language publishers; and broadcasting and media equipment suppliers.

Television scriptwriting, vertical integration, content development, cross-border cooperation, and international market research are some of the TV festival’s top promotional objectives, in which originality remains the driving force of the global television industry.


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