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Broadcasting & TV | Flagship Program & Objectives
Broadcasting & TV | Flagship Program & Objectives


Events held by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, a subordinate organization of the Ministry of Culture, to promote the development of the nation’s broadcasting and television industry include:

  • The Golden Bell Awards

The Bureau holds the annual Golden Bell Awards ceremonies every October. The ceremony aims to promote the development of the radio and television broadcasting industries, raise the standard of radio and television professionals, and enable the media to perform their functions of cultural communication and social education.

  • The Taipei TV Festival

The Taipei TV Festival is held every September with the aim of establishing a marketing and procurement network for the domestic TV industry, and assisting with the overseas marketing of quality Taiwanese productions. This event also enables local TV program producers and production companies to tap into the global market in order to boost the exposure and competitiveness of their products.

  • International Exchanges

In order to increase the domestic TV industry’s exposure abroad, foster cooperation with other countries’ TV industries and promote the sale of Taiwanese TV programs, the Bureau assists the local television industry with participating in major international film and television trade shows and festivals and exporting to new markets.

  • Professional Training Programs

The Bureau commissions and subsidizes personnel training programs offered by TV production crews, broadcasting companies and related industry associations.

  • The TV Scriptwriting Award

The TV Scriptwriting Award is held to encourage the public to write and edit TV program scripts. Through the award program, scriptwriters also gain the opportunity to have their winning works subsidized, produced and broadcast. 


The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development is responsible for the digitalization of broadcasting and television in Taiwan.

The High-Quality Transmission Project, which is planned for 2012 through 2015, will enhance the quality of Taiwan’s broadcasting and television industry by:

  • Establishing more digital broadcasting stations.
  • Discontinuing the use of analog broadcasting.
  • Strengthening digital TV content production.
  • Exporting the nation’s digital productions to overseas markets.
  • Training digital media artists and producers. 

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