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Broadcasting & TV | Overview
Broadcasting & TV | Overview


Radio and cable TV stations should produce quality programs on local issues, serve people in the region, and function effectively as local media outlets. This vision has been partially achieved by the widespread access to cable television, which currently stands at over 60 percent of the local population.

To enable the radio and television broadcasting industries to perform their functions of cultural communication and social education, the Ministry’s flagship programs include:

  • Establishing a procurement network for local media companies and assisting with the overseas marketing of quality Taiwanese productions.
  • Commissioning personnel training programs for production crews, broadcasting companies, and related industries.
  • Arranging for local media companies to participate in major trade shows and export to new markets.
  • Holding national competitions and awards for scriptwriting, quality programs, community service, innovation, and radio/television series.
  • Implementing the digitization of broadcasting and television in Taiwan. 

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